Finding the musicality in your movement and the physicality in your music

Nia Dance Fitness

Nia allows you to condition, heal, and express yourself through movement.  A dynamic blend of martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts, Nia combines the energies of different movement forms to create a full-body workout.  Since body awareness is a fundamental aspect of this training, Nia is safe for people of all ages and abilities.

Balancing technical precision with free-form expression, Nia brings the body, mind, emotions, and spirit to optimum health through music, movement, and self-expression, guided by the sensation of pleasure. Improve your dancing with better balance, posture, endurance, and footwork. Not to mention a fun workout for your whole body!

Hire Us:

Holding a corporate team building event, community function, or just getting a group of friends together and looking for something to do?  Bring Nia to your scene by contacting Scherzo to arrange a private class.

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