Finding the musicality in your movement and the physicality in your music

Director’s Note

Scherzo grew out of my mutual interest in music, theatre, and dance. Through my undergraduate degree and other music studies, I gained an appreciation for a wide range of musical ideas. In my theatre and dance training, I learned about the body and expression through movement. However, when the two came together for me, that was when the real development began in both areas.

It astounds me that many people don’t see the inherent connection between learning music and movement.   Even with my music and dance background, it took me  a while to fully comprehend that organic relationship, mainly because they are generally taught separately.  I don’t believe they should be two independent subjects.  They fuel each other and expand our understanding to new levels.

Your success in learning with us lies in three main areas: 1) the enthusiasm and passion of myself and all staff to promote a love of music and movement; 2) the flexibility offered in the curriculum and pedagogy of private lessons; and 3) the originality of the group classes.

I look forward to laughing and growing with you.

~Alcina Chiu
Creative Director

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